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Premier League is seen as the best and most competitive football league by the majority of fans and experts. No other league can attract as good players as the Premier League and no other league can line up as many top clubs as the English top division. Follow Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and all the other clubs as they fight for the prestigious Premier League trophy. You can follow the Premier League from wherever you’re in the world and if you’re watching from India, has all the information you need on where to watch the next game live on TV or stream. Use the Premier League TV-schedule start enjoying the Premier League and the world’s best football.

This is the Premier League

The Premier League was founded back in 1992, replacing the Football League First Division which was the top-tier football league in England for more than 100 years. The reason behind the new league structure was a more lucrative TV-rights deal which would give the English clubs a huge advantage against other European top clubs. Since then, the TV-rights have played a massive part in the English football and its way to becoming the most competitive and attractive football league in the world.

The Premier League is ruled by the FA which is the governing body of all professional football in England. There’re four divisions classed as league football in the English league system, while the divisions below are called non-league football. The top division is obviously the Premier League, followed by The Championship, League One and League Two.

English league structure
1. Premier League
2. The Championship
3. League One
4. League Two

In the Premier League there’re 20 teams from all over England. Teams from Wales are also eligible to play in the Premier League. Cardiff and Swansea are two examples of Welsh clubs that’ve been playing in the English top division. After every finished season the three teams in the bottom of the table gets relegated to the Championship and the three best teams from the second division gets promoted. The top four teams in the Premier League are qualified for next season’s Champions League.

The Premier League season normally begins in August and ends in May. The teams play each other twice, home and away. When all teams have played 38 games the season is finished, and the champions are crowned.

The transfer window is a period of time during the year when all Premier League clubs are allowed to sell, buy and loan players. There’re usually two transfer windows per year, summer and winter. It’s normally during the summer transfer window when the big transfers happen as the teams prepares for the upcoming season.

Most successful clubs in the Premier League

Liverpool FC is one of the biggest clubs in the world and also one of the most successful English clubs. The Reds as they’re called have won the English top division several times and have been dominant on the European football stage for a long time. Liverpool FC play their games at Anfield, a well-known stadium around the world famous for the stand called the Kop. Biggest rivals are Manchester United and the games between the two sides are always something extra. Intensity, passion and adrenalin surrounds these derby games.
Some Liverpool legends have after their playing careers found their way into Indian football. Robbie Fowler and Luis Garcia are two players who’ve both been involved in the Indian Super League.

Manchester United is another widely popular team in England and around the world. Just like Liverpool, their history is filled with trophies and success. Several legends and iconic players have pulled on the red shirt to play for Manchester United throughout the history. The Red Devils play their games at Old Trafford, one of the largest football stadiums in England with a capacity of near 75 000. Alex Ferguson is one of the most famous and successful managers there’s ever been and the Scotsman lead Manchester United for 26(!) consecutive seasons winning more league trophies than any other manager has done in the Premier League.

Watch the Premier League on TV & stream

The Premier League is the most watched football league in the world on TV and stream. It attracts more viewers than any other sports league or tournament. Most people have some connection to any of the football clubs in the Premier League, either by themselves or someone in their surrounding being a supporter. Teams like Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal are popular wherever you go and it’s not uncommon that these teams plan their pre-season tours in other continents like Asia or North America to strengthen their connection with fans who don’t have the possibility of watching the games in England.
If you’re a big fan of the Premier League and any of the teams you do right by using Here you’ll get all the information you need on how to follow the Premier League live on TV or stream. Use the Premier League TV-schedule above and find out where the next game is shown. As of the 2020/21 season all Premier League games are broadcast by the Star Sports Network for all Indian viewers. If you prefer watching the games on stream, you’ll find the Premier League on their live streaming platform Hotstar.
The games are usually played on weekends but there’re times when the teams play mid-week as well. To make sure you’re not missing out on any of the big games, use as your own Premier League match schedule. The match list shows you the right channel, stream and kick-off time. is available on your computer, phone and tablet.