What Cricket Events are on TV?

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Below you’ll find the full Cricket schedule for live events on TV & stream with dates, kickoff times, and channels. Find out what live sports are on TV today, tonight, and tomorrow.

Cricket is a sport that is followed by fans from all over the world. India, England, Australia and Pakistan are some of the most dominant cricket nations who are all full members of the game’s governing body, ICC. Cricket is played in every month of the year and so you will always find a game to watch live on TV or stream. By using Tvsports.in you will never miss a good cricket game. The TV-guide is free-to-use and will hand you the latest broadcasting information for the most popular cricket leagues and tournaments.

Cricket on TV & Stream

Cricket is a massive sport and as mentioned earlier, it is followed by millions of fans from all over the world. The ICC Cricket World Cup is usually one of the most watched sport events every year. Just like the Super Bowl game and the Champions League final in football, there are hundreds of millions of people enjoying cricket.

Tvsports.in will guide you to today's cricket on TV and show you where and when you can watch it. Whether it be streaming on your phone or watching on the TV, Tvsports.in has got you covered.

In the TV-guide above you will find all games from the most popular leagues and tournaments. The time zone is automatically adjusted to your current location and the schedule is available on your computer, phone and tablet.

Briefly about Cricket

Even if a lot has happened to the game since its first references back in the mid 16th century, cricket is still a sport held as one of the most historic ones. There’re many stories and historic cricket games to be told and admirers of the sport would claim that cricket is one of the sports that has influenced our history the most.

Today there are several different types of cricket. From the traditional Test matches which are played over five days, to Twenty20 which is a shortened version of the game. One of the reasons behind the shortened forms of cricket is to make it more engaging for the people who want to watch a live cricket game. A game that is running for up to five days is not only extremely long, it’s almost impossible for the fans to follow. There are competitions and leagues for most of the different forms of cricket.

Explaining the Different Cricket Formats

Test Cricket

This is the form of cricket which is seen as the original one. The games can last for up to five days, sometimes even longer. It is not only tough physically, it is also a mentally challenge for the players. In Test cricket two teams of 11 players face each other in a four-innings game. Because of Test cricket’s reputation of being the ‘’heavy weight’’ of cricket, the majority of the nations have created a name and a trophy for each of the different encounters. For example, the meeting between India and Australia is called the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

One Day International

This is a game played between two teams of 11 players but unlike the Test cricket games, the ODI’s has a fixed number of overs. ODI is the format in which the Cricket World Cup is being played.


Twent20 is a shortened version of cricket where the teams have one single inning each and a maximum of 20 overs. The Twenty20 game is the form of cricket that is most similar to other European sports when it comes to game playing time. A normal Twenty20 game take around three hours to play.

Major Cricket Leagues and International Tournaments

ICC Cricket World Cup

The world cup, the biggest tournament of them all. This is the tournament where the best cricket nations get a chance to face each other. It is played in an ODI format and the number of teams have been varying throughout the years. The World Cup is played every four year and is normally held in the beginning of the year, February-March.

T20 World Cup

Sixteen teams qualify for the T20 World Cup which is held every other year. Next tournament will be played in 2024 and USA will be co-hosting the event along with the West Indies. The T20 World Cup is a relatively new competition, first edition was held in 2007. Most successful nation is the West Indies with two champions titles.

Indian Premier League

The IPL is one of the biggest and most popular club competitions in cricket. It is one of the two top division cricket leagues running in India and the most successful team is the Mumbai Indians with four titles. Normally the season is running from the beginning of April until the end of May. If you want to watch a live cricket game from the IPL on TV or stream, Tvsports.in will guide you to the right channel.

Asia Cup

The Asia Cup is a continental tournament for nations. First edition of the competition was held in 1984 and the most successful nation is India with 7 titles. The tournament is usually held every other year.